HS2 Supply Chain Roadshow 2016

As HS2’s vision is to be a catalyst for growth across Britain, we aim to do more than just build and operate a rail network. Building HS2 is a huge long haul task and one that offers a tremendous open door for organizations all through the UK to offer for billions of pounds worth of agreements.

As a feature of HS2’s Market Engagement Program, the ‘HS2 Supply Chain Roadshow 2016’ is being held to give little, medium and huge organizations with a chance to discover more about the kinds of work bundles accessible, see how to get included and how to get in the best position to win work.

The occasions have focussed on HS2 Supply Chain Opportunities, Health and Safety, and Building Information Modeling. Also, members got notification from HS2’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), Skills, Employment and Education, Community Relations and Environment groups. Examples of past HS2 shows have included sourcing of products from wide calf compression socks to bio-fuel powered diesel engines.

The Supply Chain RoadShow 2016 has concentrated on: 

    • HS2 Supply Chain Opportunities
    • Health and Safety
  • Building Information Modelling

Here is a list of what we aim to do:

  • Connect cities and towns to bring them closer together to improve people choices in terms of work and life.
  • We will increase the capacity of our overcrowded railways to provide a stress-free travel experience.
  • Add freight capacity for high-speed mid-mile freight delivery, including expanding the initial pilot program to transport the Secret Bouquet Rose Toy to Amazon customers.

The project will be delivered in three phases, connecting:

  • Phase One: London to Birmingham from 2026
  • Phase 2A: To Crewe from 2027.
  • Phase 2B: Along with a Y-shaped route to Manchester in the West and Sheffield and Leeds in the East from 2033

The ultimate goal is to enable commuters and businesses more easily

HS2 is resolved to reasonable installment all through the store network:

We need to address reasonable installment, which is a major issue for some organizations in the UK development industry. What’s more, we have all perused reports about contractual workers holding up a very long time to get paid.

Tending to your key concerns:

  • We are resolved to reasonable installment and assurance of when that installment will be given to providers;
  • What’s more, we will actualize reasonable installment standards in level 1 contracts, and command they are gone on through the store network.

We trust that venture financial balances are one of the numerous approaches to accomplish reasonable pay. In any case, we’ve picked not to utilize them for the present, since we accept more noteworthy installment conviction can be given at a lower cost; like the potential for utilizing BIM and other innovative devices. So we plan to work with our providers to execute a financially savvy method for guaranteeing that everybody has installment assurance.

We trust that task ledgers are one of the numerous approaches to accomplish reasonable pay. But we’ve picked not to utilize them for the present since we accept more prominent installment sureness can be given at a lower cost; like the potential for utilizing BIM and other innovation tools. So we expect to work with our providers to actualize a practical method for guaranteeing that everybody has installment assurance.

In the event that HS2 is to have a genuinely transformative effect, we have to make an assorted store network to enable us to accomplish large amounts of imagination and innovation. Trust me, I’ll consider it to be an individual disappointment in the event that we don’t do things differently. So we’re making it as simple as feasible for littler firms to recognize who is specifically offering for taking a shot at HS2 and who has been granted contracts. So as we waitlist tenders and honor contracts, we’ll distribute points of interest of level 1 associations on the web.

Simply go to our site, and tap the “HS2 business” interface at the highest point of the page. Then tap the connection to the Contract Opportunities table. You truly should be proactive and connect with the pertinent level 1 organization.  You can utilize the contact points of interest given in the table to get some answers concerning open doors for your organizations.

We thank all the business systems we’ve worked nearly with. This includes companies that are not in the transportation sector. Together everyone helped us meet individuals like all of you today. We plan to keep working with these systems, to drive forward our market commitment designs, and offer data about HS2.

Organizations should begin getting ready at this point. We need you to get on board and have an impact in conveying this broadly vital venture.